No Margin, No Mission™ Celebrates 1st Birthday

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We are celebrating our 1st birthday with a tribute to those who made it such a special and rewarding year! 

No Margin, No Mission Square Logo w/ ShadowTwelve months after opening our doors for business, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many nonprofit and foundation leaders around the country who liked what we had to offer. Lucky for us, they believed in the importance of entrepreneurial business practices to grow the margin and mission of their organizations or one(s) that they supported, and hired No Margin, No Mission™ to help them diversify revenue, expand impact, and build a lasting future. 

As a social enterprise and national consulting practice with offices in Seattle and Chicago, we traveled to locations across the country, working onsite with clients in Phoenix, New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Hartford, Seattle, Walla Walla, Bellevue, Port Hadlock, Olympia, and Everett. While we didn’t work overseas during our first year, we did gain a large international following on ourWeb site and Facebook page from faraway places such as Malaysia, Argentina, Australia, Turkey, Japan, Italy, France, Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Ireland, India, and Antarctica, just to name a few! 

Business Planning Kickoff Session, Volunteers of America-Western Washington, Everett, WA

With several exciting projects to keep us busy throughout the year, we were fortunate to be able to deliver a wide range of our offerings to a variety of clients. Our work included half and full-day trainings on Understanding the Basics of Earned Income36 month engagements onBusiness Plan Development for Earned Income Offeringscreation of a Funder’s Pitch for a large government agency, Scenario Planning workshops with nonprofits to strategize for their future, and a 12-month assignment to develop a client’s Entrepreneurial Marketing and Communications Outreach.

With client satisfaction as one of the quality measures for our work, we’re proud to say we received high marks across the board! Of the many participants who were involved in our projects and engagements — including nonprofit and foundation leaders, staff, board, volunteers, and others from the community — their comments and feedback were overwhelmingly positive. Just as important, our clients are seeing successful outcomes from our work with them, particularly in growing their margin and mission.  

We were also fortunate to develop relationships with some of the most innovative and successful nonprofit social enterprises across the country as part of No MarginNo Mission’s™ Giving BackCommitment. In keeping with our desire to make a difference in the world around us, we proudly contributed a percentage of our income to support nonprofit social enterprises in the communities where we live and work. They included AtWork! in Seattle, Chicanos Por La Causa in Phoenix, Housing Works in New York, E-Three Labs in Detroit, and Cleanslate in Chicago.

Best of all, we’ve had the extreme good fortune of working with some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in the nonprofit world who are truly making a difference through their work. That, in turn, has allowed us to be learners along the way, gaining new insight, understanding, and appreciation for the many different types of organizations whose mission-focused work is changing people’s lives. 

As we begin our second exciting year, we look forward to helping many more nonprofit leaders — and the funders who support them — find ways to grow their margin so they’re better able to achieve their mission. With healthy doses of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial business practices applied to strengthening organizations everywhere, we hope to have the opportunity to help you diversify revenue, expand impact, and build a lasting future.

Here’s to growing the margin and mission of organizations everywhere!


No Margin, No Mission Square Logo w/ ShadowNo Margin, No Mission™ is a social enterprise and national consulting practice that helps organizations with a social or environmental mission increase revenue, expand impact, and build a lasting future through entrepreneurial thinking and business strategy.

With offerings targeted to nonprofit leaders, board members, and funders providing support to grantees, No Margin, No Mission™ offers consulting, training, speaking, and implementation services to clients on topics such as entrepreneurial leadership, social enterprise, revenue generation, business planning, organizational growth, intellectual property development, strategic partnerships, marketing and brand strategy, and public relations and communications strategy.

To learn more about No Margin, No Mission™, visit www.NoMarginNoMission.org or contact one of our Managing Partners: Larry Clark / Western U.S. Office / lclark@NoMarginNoMission.org / 253.732.5251 or Michael Oxman / Eastern U.S. Office / moxman@NoMarginNoMission.org / 847.226.4158. 


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