• No Margin, No Mission and The Patterson Foundation Share Earned Income Workshop at the ASA 2017 Aging in American Conference

    GOT MARGIN? We join The Patterson Foundation in Chicago on March 20th to discuss earned income at the ASA 2017 AGING IN AMERICA CONFERENCE. Read more

  • Pines of Sarasota Education & Training Institute Posts Impressive Margin & Mission Ignition Results

    GOT MARGIN? Pines of Sarasota Education & Training Institute posts impressive results following MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION 18-month earned income initiative. Read more

  • The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum Has Liftoff

    GOT MARGIN? The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum launches thanks to business planning initiative made possible by The Patterson Foundation. Read more

  • The Patterson Foundation Announces Match Opportunity at Margin & Mission Ignition Fast Pitch

    GOT MARGIN? During FAST PITCH to Mission Impact Investors, nonprofits get matching challenge from The Patterson Foundation to fund earned income ventures. Read more

  • Knowledge Sharing Session Boosts Nonprofit Business Planning

    GOT MARGIN? Nonprofits convene to share knowledge from MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION 2016 business planning phase of 18-month earned income journey. Read more

  • Margin & Mission Ignition Expands Earned Income Initiative: 5 Nonprofits Participate in 18-Month Journey

    GOT MARGIN? Nonprofits participate in 18-month earned income journey thanks to MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION initiative from The Patterson Foundation. Read more

  • No Margin, No Mission Address Nonprofits at ASA 2016 Aging in America Conference

    GOT MARGIN? We join The Patterson Foundation in Washington, D. C. on March 20th to discuss earned income at the ASA 2016 AGING IN AMERICA CONFERENCE. Read more 

  • Knowledge and Learning Abound for Nonprofits Preparing to Launch Earned Income Ventures

    GOT MARGIN? Entrepreneurial nonprofits launching earned income ventures convened to share knowledge and learning from their business plan implementation. Read more

  • The Patterson Foundation Matches $192k in Mission Impact Capital

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation matched $192k in mission impact capital raised by MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION Super 6 nonprofits for business plan startup. Read more

  • Nonprofits bring earned income business plans to life

    GOT MARGIN? Nonprofits bring earned income business plans to life in transition from planning to implementation thanks to The Patterson Foundation. Read more

  • 6 nonprofits share business plans with investors at Shark Tank-style Fast Pitch event in Sarasota

    GOT MARGIN? Entrepreneurial nonprofits presented earned income business plans to investors at MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION FAST PITCH event in Sarasota. Read more

  • The Patterson Foundation Provides Match Opportunity to Help Nonprofits Jumpstart Earned Income Business Plans

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation announced MATCH to help MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION nonprofits jumpstart their earned income business plans. Read more

  • Learning to Share and Sharing to Learn About Earned Income Business Plans

    GOT MARGIN? Nonprofits participating in MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION convened in Sarasota to share learning from earned income business planning. Read more

  • No Margin, No Mission Featured in WSRQ Radio Interview with The Patterson Foundation’s Michael Corley

    GOT MARGIN? No Margin, No Mission partnership with The Patterson Foundation featured in WSRQ Radio interview with Michael Corley. Listen to podcast

  • How Earned Income Business Planning is Transforming Pines of Sarasota

    GOT MARGIN? Earned Income Business Planning transforms Pines of Sarasota thanks to MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION, The Patterson Foundation’s newest initiative. Read more

  • 7 Nonprofits Selected for Next Phase of Margin & Mission Ignition

    GOT MARGIN? We launched an 18-month earned income journey with 7 entrepreneurial nonprofits for the next phase of MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION. Read more

  • Unidos Now explored earned income and learned time was not right to pursue it

    GOT MARGIN? A nonprofit serving the Latino community explored earned income through three educational labs and realized they were not ready to pursue it. Read more

  • Nonprofits Given Opportunity to “Opt Out” of Earned Income Initiative

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation encouraged nonprofit participants in MARGIN & MISSION IGNITION to opt-out if they were not ready for earned income. Read more 

  • Shop Purple for a Purpose at TheEpilepsyStore.com

    GOT MARGIN? Epilepsy Association of Central Florida blogged about its new EpilepsyStore.com, an online store filled with unique purple awareness items. Read more

  • Health Council of Southeast Florida blogs about NMNM

    GOT MARGIN? Health Council of Southeast Florida has earned $100,000 from data and consulting services through business planning with No Margin, No Mission. Read more 

  • Selby Gardens Board Chair Blogs about NMNM

    GOT MARGIN? Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Board Chair, Cathy Layton, blogged on the impact of Earned Income Business Planning with No Margin, No Mission. Read more

  • Slideshow37

    GOT MARGIN? It is never too early to think about startup capital when planning an earned income venture for your nonprofit. Read more

  • Slide 1

    GOT MARGIN? Read about the five important readiness characteristics that every nonprofit should consider before jumping into earned incomeRead more

  • Slideshow 36

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation launched Margin & Mission Ignition to help nonprofits build entrepreneurial capacity, revenue, and mission impact. Read more

  • Slideshow35

    GOT MARGIN? When HOPE Family Services & Women’s Resource Center of Manatee partnered for business planning, a new collaboration was born. Read more

  • Slideshow34

    GOT MARGIN? Four Florida philanthropies recently collaborated at the second Sarasota FAST PITCH to support earned income and entrepreneurial spiritRead more

  • Slideshow33

    GOT MARGIN? See how Prevent Blindness Florida developed a business plan for a new earned income venture designed to increase margin and expand mission. Read more

  • Slideshow32

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation & Allegany Franciscan Ministries participated in a funder session we hosted to discuss nonprofit earned income strategies. Read more 

  • Slideshow31

    GOT MARGIN? We Discussed Earned Income at the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics 2014 Annual Conference in OrlandoRead more

  • Got Margin?

    GOT MARGIN? We discussed Earned Income Business Plans at the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers 2014 Annual Conference in San Diego. Read more

  • Slideshow29

    GOT MARGIN? Watch Funding Fishing Rods to learn how Quantum Foundation is helping nonprofits in Palm Beach County build entrepreneurial capacity. Watch video

  • Slideshow28

    GOT MARGIN? Don’t miss our guest blog for The Patterson Foundation: Anatomy of an Earned Income Business Plan FAST PITCH. Read more

  • Slideshow27

    GOT MARGIN? Our Sarasota Earned Income Business Plan FAST PITCH (a.k.a. Shark Tank for Nonprofits) was in the news. Read more

  • Slideshow26

    GOT MARGIN? We were featured in an American Express Open Forum article about entrepreneurs who create new opportunities, even in tough times. Read more

  • Slideshow25

    GOT MARGIN? Our guest blog for The Patterson Foundation tracks our Sarasota work: Taking Time to Meet, Share & Discuss Earned Income Business Plans. Read more

  • Slideshow24

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation highlighted knowledge sharing with 6 Sarasota nonprofits: Learning to Share and Sharing to Learn About Earned Income. Read more

  • Slideshow23

    GOT MARGIN? Read our guest blog for The Patterson Foundation: Marketing Insights for Effective Earned Income Business PlansRead more

  • Slideshow21

    GOT MARGIN? Check out our guest blog for The Patterson Foundation: Getting Board & Staff on Board for Earned IncomeRead more

  • Slideshow20

    GOT MARGIN? The Patterson Foundation blogged about our partnership in Sarasota, FLEarned Income as an Alternative Funding OpportunityRead more

  • Slideshow19

    GOT MARGIN? On November 6th we trained SarasotaFL nonprofits on earned income and chose four for business planningRead more

  • Slideshow18

    GOT MARGIN? On October 11th we trained St. Lucie and Martin County, FL nonprofits on earned income and chose four for business planning. Read more

  • Slideshow17

    GOT MARGIN? We helped the Franciscan Center in Tampa develop an earned income business plan in 5 days with our new Business Planning Boot CampRead more

  • Slideshow16

    GOT MARGIN? Thanks to Allegany Franciscan Ministries & Quantum Foundation, we trained Palm Beach nonprofits on earned income & chose four for business planningRead more

  • Slideshow13

    GOT MARGIN? Check out our guest blog for The Patterson Foundation: Earned Income and its Role in Financial “Thrive-abilty”Read more

  • Slideshow12

    GOT MARGIN? Thanks to Allegany Franciscan Ministries Catalyst Miami, we trained nonprofits on Earned Income, then chose two for Business PlanningRead more

  • Slideshow10

    GOT MARGIN? Turn your office space and equipment into a revenue source for your organization. Read more

  • Slideshow9

    GOT MARGIN? Infuse your organization with entrepreneurial culture, spirit, and innovation to increase opportunities for revenue generation and social impact. Read more

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    GOT MARGIN? Like our Facebook page and get access to valuable postings on the latest in social enterprise, earned income, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Read more

  • Slideshow7

    GOT MARGIN? Create an online store to generate revenue, market product and service offerings, and increase the mission of your organization. Read more

  • Slideshow3

    GOT MARGIN? Use your knowledge, expertise, and thought leadership to generate consulting revenue for your organization. Read more

  • Slideshow2

    GOT MARGIN? Build your social enterprise and increase revenue with a well-developed business plan. Read more

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Thanks to No Margin, No Mission, the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida has increased our MARGIN and MISSION through development and implementation of an earned income business plan. Check out EpilepsyStore.com to see what we did together!

No Margin, No Mission Helped the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida Launch a Successful Online Store!