Margin & Mission Builder™ Debuts for Nonprofits

Got Margin? 
Your nonprofit could benefit from entrepreneurial thinking & business practices to build its margin & mission. We can help. No Margin, No Mission. Your double bottom line matters.

Let Us Help Your Nonprofit Diversify Revenue, Expand Impact, and Build a Lasting Future.

We start with an informative earned income training session. We follow up with business planning to increase margin and mission. 

Kingsley House, New Orleans, LAGiven the ongoing economic challenges faced by nonprofits today, many are striving to balance the increased demand for services with the challenges of reduced available funding and capacity to do the work.

While the concept of revenue diversification may seem obvious and desirable to many, it is not always the top priority in organizations that have received limited education, training, and help with implementation on the topic.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that nonprofit leaders look beyond the typical ways of generating income. They need to look for opportunities that will provide them with margin to better meet their mission.


Computer  Lab
Kidworks Computer Lab, Costa Mesa, CA

For many nonprofits, earned income opportunities are within closer reach than they may realize. The reason for this is that several have created assets of value that can be sold to other stakeholders to help generate financial resources for their organization. This could include anything from curriculum, trainings, public speaking engagements, consulting services, to a whole host of other offerings.

With No Margin, No Mission’s™ new Nonprofit Margin & Mission Builder™, organizations will have the unique opportunity to participate in our valuable Earned Income Training and Business Planning process. Not only will they explore the basics of earned income through a half or full day workshop that introduces the topic in a highly engaging, interactive, and informative session, but they’ll receive technical assistance for development of a business plan geared to an earned income offering that already exists in their organization.


No Margin, No Mission 
Earned Income Workshop 
Detroit, MI

For nonprofits that are poised and ready to benefit from a substantive and practical training approach on earned income revenue generation, we’ll provide a half or full day workshop in a group setting to educate their Leadership, Staff, and/or Board on the topic.

This innovative, practical, and hands-on training, titled Planning for the Future: Generating Margin to Grow Mission is designed specifically for nonprofits, and will provide tremendous benefit to organizations that want to diversify their revenue.

As part of this unique training opportunity, participants will gain insight into earned income through understanding its most fundamental principles, including key definitions and concepts, its value to organizations, compelling examples, interactive exercises, and suggested action steps to pursue the topic further.

Business Planning
No Margin, No Mission Business Planning in Action
Bellevue, WA

Upon completion of the earned income workshop, the team will receive technical assistance and training focused on development of an earned income business plan for a specific product or service offering that could increase their organization’s margin and mission.

No Margin, No Mission will provide nonprofits with the necessary training, technical assistance, and consultation to deliver all aspects of this unique opportunity.


Provides skill-based training followed by personalized, one-on-one technical assistance and support to nonprofits that show the best promise for business planning success.

Offers valuable insight into earned income through understanding its most fundamental principles, including key definitions and concepts, its value to organizations, compelling examples, interactive exercises, and suggested action steps to pursue the topic further.

Enhances understanding and appreciation for how business planning can increase the margin and mission of nonprofits.

Increases the presence of earned income activities and social enterprise in nonprofit organizations.

Ultimately, positions nonprofits for a long-term future with multiple sources of diverse revenue.


If you’re interested in learning more about No Margin, No Mission’s™ new Nonprofit Margin and Mission Builder™ or any of our other planning, training, speaking, or implementation offerings, contact our Managing Partners, Michael Oxman and Larry ClarkWe’d love to speak with you.


No Margin, No Mission Square Logo w/ ShadowNo Margin, No Mission™ is a social enterprise and national consulting practice that helps organizations with a social or environmental mission increase revenue, expand impact, and build a lasting future through entrepreneurial thinking and business strategy.

To learn more about No Margin, No Mission™, visit www.NoMarginNoMission.org. 

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